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Stop screaming to Siri. Get a real person instead.

Pay only for the actual time you get back and get 5 hours a month for free.

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Get focus

Get focus and peace of mind first thing every morning.


Let us take care of the details so you can focus on the big picture.

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Where work is done

Your executive assistants will integrate easily with your tools. Allowing seamless collaboration and communication across all your platforms and tools.

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No hassle

Don't waste time managing somebody or providing context. Get your stuff managed instead with full visibility.

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Pay 20€ for every hour of life you get back.
First 5 hours every month are

Your whole self: personal and business.

Hassle-free: no commitment upfront or permanence.

Your issues on autopilot. 

Our assistants are supported by a network of experts.

Accounting? ✅  Legal? ✅  Travel expert? ✅  Trendiest restaurant? ✅

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